RETHINK promotion tour

-Increase your university’s network with European Union universities (from Portugal and Spain)
-Increase your students’ vision and employability

RETHINK project of the TEMPUS programme is about attaining Double degrees and this means sharing your studies between your university and a university of your choice in the European Union – supported by the National Erasmus+ Office and Ministry of Education in your country.

On the 19th of September in Minsk, Belarus Registration Here
On the 21st of September in Kiev, Ukraine Registration Here
On the 25th of September in Baku, Azerbaijan Registration Here
On the 28th of September in Yeravan, Armenia Registration Here

We will inform you of new opportunities for students who are interested in obtaining new Double Degrees in Belarusian, Azerbaijan, Ukraine or Armenia universities in cooperation with Portuguese or Spanish universities in the areas of:

1. Environmental sciences
2. Civil Engineering
3. Climate Engineering
4. Architecture/Urban Planning

a. Workshop on applying E-learning approach for studying Double degrees’ program at the EU universities.

b. Interactive dialogue (role game) between EU professors and students: a real-life simulation of the process for applying and getting Double degree – from start to end.

c. Networking between Ministry of Education, National Erasmus+ office, Universities, EU universities, NGOs, and business employers to guarantee sustainability of Double degrees in each country (Belarusian, Azerbaijan, Ukraine or Armenia) in the future.

We will be there to answer all your questions.

Come and bring your colleagues!

RETHINK project team
ID Number 544178-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-PT-TEMPUS-JPCR