Invited Speakers


Maria Fernanda Rollo

Secretary of State of Science, Techonology and Higher Education

Annmarie McHugh

Lecturer and Programme Director in the School of Business and Humanities in Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT); Represents Ireland and DKIT on the HEInnovate Expert Facilitators’  group in the EU. 

  José Carlos Sánchez García

Director of Cátedra de Empreendedores of University of Salamanca

 Javier Riaño

Head of DEMOLA Basque Country

 Rogier Cazemier

Senior lecturer and researcher at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences; representant of Startup of Incubator Academy at Rotterdam University

Teresa Paiva

Senior teacher of Management Department of Polytechnic Institute of Guarda; Director of the research unit of the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda.

Pedro Parreira

Senior teacher of Nursing School of Coimbra; Coordinator of Entrepreneurship Office of Nursing School of Coimbra. 

Amaia Yurrebaso Macho

Teacher of Department of Social Psychology and Anthropology of University of Salamanca; Member of IDEM (Research Group in Innovation and Entrepreneur Development) and CEUSAL (Cátedra de Emprendedores of the University of Salamanca).

 Suzana Alípio

ANJE – National Young Entrepreneur Association