Seminar “Technology Trends for Molds Industry”

On February 22, the seminar “Technology Trends for Molds Industry” organized by TCA and ESSS Iberia took place at CEFAMOL with the collaboration of the CDRSP.

This seminar aims to “stimulate the exchange of ideas between managers and senior managers of this industry” and, secondly, “demonstrate how technological tools allow us to achieve important results, being great allies to optimize the performance of companies.”


The researcher Pedro Carreira (CDRSP), focused his intervention on the technologies and solutions that are being developed by IPL, especially in what concerns the additive manufacturing and issues related to ‘3D Printing’ technology. During his speech, he pointed out the close link between IPL and companies, considering it to be “fundamental” for the creation of good solutions to support the industry and to the quality of professionals that operate in it.