“Checkout IMFS in April, a one day session focused on Digital Design and Manufacturing.”

Great line up of keynote speakers and there are some speakers slots available.

Participation in free but requires prior registration. 

Direct Digital Manufacturing is a family of technologies which is able to product products directly from a digital definition without the use of moulds or other complex tooling. These technologies directly enable the possibility of personalisation of the form and function of a product at the point of manufacturing. The time from concept to product can be very short many be hours or days. These technologies enable the production of any self-supporting structure. At pesent the technology greatly exceeds our ability to design digitally for direct digital manufacturing. We invite papers which address any aspect of digital design for manufacturing and the challenges with respect to both the technology, simulations, design approaches, medical devices, optimisation techniques, case studies and applications. 


Find out more info – imfs.ipleiria.pt