Polytechnic Institute of Leiria and Karnatak University

ICDDMAP2021 goes VIRTUAL to keep our participants safe and to reduce the spread of the virus.


The conference provides an innovative environment for the discussion of the emerging technologies associated with direct digital manufacturing, its wide-based applications and the new materials associated with this exciting technology including polymers, ceramics and metals. Direct Digital Manufacturing lies at the heart of Industry 4.0, the so/called 4th Industrial Revolution. This revolution in manufacturing will impact on design on new materials and on new ideas such as a Digital Twin for each object ever manufactured so as to provide a complete description of its life cycle and disposal. Direct Digital Manufacturing enables new designs to be manufactured, shapes which are impossible to manufacture using conventional moulding or subtractive machining. Of course with so many possibilities we will need to identify how to make progress with for example design by function rather than form and as such this international conference is wide-ranging and particularly multi-disciplinary. Papers on any area will be most welcome.


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