IMFS JUNE | “5G and Digital Manufacturing”

International Manufacturing Series 2021. This is a year long on-line conference  which has one day sessions on specific topics relevant to Manufacturing and in particular to Industry 4.0 and Direct Digital Manufacturing. The June session will take place on 2nd June 2021 and is focused on “5G and Digital Manufacturing”. The chairs of this one day session are Professors Artur Mateus and Rafael Caldeirinha. The programme is now available on the IMFS website


Although 5G has gone from hype to reality, it is still overshadowed by its forerunner 4G. The impact of 5G is expected to be much greater for business than consumers. 5G may have great impact in Manufacturing. While previous generations of networks were focused on consumer application, 5G is expected to provide major benefits to industry. Manufacturing is facing numerous challenges and only marginal gains can be obtained through cost-cutting measures. To optimise end-to-end value, a new connectivity foundation is needed to copy, monitor and control the physical world.


The concepts of Direct Digital Manufacturing which is a family of technologies which is able to produce products directly from a digital definition without the use of moulds or other complex tooling. These technologies directly enable the possibility of personalisation of the form and function of a product at the point of manufacturing. Of course it is easy to see the changes in the purchasing process and in the supply chains both for the consumer and industry. There are major revolutions to come in the monitoring of the manufacturing process using wireless sensors at all points so as to be able to develop a digital twin of the process and the products.


If you are registered you need do nothing and the zoom link for the meeting will sent to you next week.