Decorative Ceramics | Reflections of Culture

The Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development and the Municipality of Leiria are organizing the exhibition “Decorative Ceramics | Reflections of Culture”, taking place between September and November 2012 at Leiria m|i|mo Museum. This exhibition is the result of a preliminary extensive research work on the regional decorative ceramics design transformations along the 20th century. During this time period ceramic traditions changed, as well styles of decoration and manufacture. A contextually oriented approach is adopted, which pays attention to the local socio-economical contexts in which these objects were created and produced.

Decorative Ceramics | Reflections of Culture draws from private collections, focusing on the most expressive and representative of those regional decorative ceramic objects. It also aims to highlight the innovative work of local manufacturing companies and its importance for the regional and national development of Portugal.

This unique exhibition reveals the beauty and innovative features of Leiria decorative ceramics throughout the 20th century, allowing visitors to experience the artistic view of this decorative ceramics collection, containing several representative pieces of this period many of which never been on display to the public.