On August 1st, CDRSP received a visit led by Pedro Santana Lopes.

On August 1st, CDRSP received a visit led by Pedro Santana Lopes following the Challenge 3 proposed by POÇO – Equipamentos Industriais presented at the European Study Group with Industry organized by CDRSP from 1 to 5 of july 2019. To address this challenge a mathematical model that allows to calculate in a transparent and clearly away the variable amount of fees that each Company has to pay to the Portuguese Social Security in order to take into account its contribution to add value was presented. The model proposed won’t change the general value currently calculated considering 23.75% x Global Salaries. It will distinguish Companies that add value and contribute to improve the competitiveness and productivity not only of Portuguese Companies but also of Portugal.  


The visit was attended by collaborators of the National Mandate for Legislative, Partido Aliança, Manuel Cruz, President of the Portuguese Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation, and the entrepreneur Carlos Poço.


The delegation had the opportunity to visit CDRSP’s laboratories and know in detail the ongoing R&D projects.