On July 25th, CDRSP received a visit from Altice portugal.


On July 25th, CDRSP received a visit from Altice portugal.


The visit was attended by the Mayor of Marinha Grande, Cidália Ferreira, the technological administrator Luís Alveirinho, the general director of Altice Labs, Alcino Lavrador, the chief of staff of the CEO and responsible for the Corporate Coordination Directorate, Institutional and Communication, André Figueiredo, and others responsible for Alice. The visit was led by the president of the Polytechnic of Leiria, Rui Pedrosa and the vice-president of the Polytechnic of Leiria, Nuno Rodrigues.


The visit took place after a meeting where Altice officials expressed their appreciation for the technological development and institutional and business work found in Marinha Grande, pointing out some areas in which there may be points of interest and opportunities for technological partnership.


The Mayor points out that “Marinha Grande is known in the national context for excellence, capacity for innovation and initiative, versatility, competitiveness and national and international projection of the county’s main economic activities, in particular, the industry – molds, plastics and glass.”


Territorial Pact for the Development of Marinha Grande in a public-private partnership. For Cidália Ferreira, “collective efficiency strategies, public-private partnerships, are assumed as means of enabling strategic investments and new business models, sharing risks and benefits”.


The president recalls that “the Marinha Grande Industrial Zone is in the process of creating the Marinha Grande Science and Technology Park, aiming at the scientific and technological integration of the Region in a guideline for the development of the Industry of the Region, involving the institutions of innovation, science and employment ”.


Source: AC | CMMG