RESIM2020  concluded the programme on Friday 5th June.

RESIM2020 concluded the programme on Friday 5th June, after a great day of presentations, we started with CDRSP Vice-Director Artur Mateus on the Print Big project at CDRSP with imaginative plans for the Print Big Laboratory which will sit alongside the Training Factory, we listened to variety of very interesting talks related to Technology, with the only disappointment being  Sir Fayomi from Nigeria who was to talk about biodegradable wastes, after our virtual lunch we were treated to the delights of Stimuli Optimisation in Tissue Engineering which offers real hope in removing one of the blockages in the development of tissue engineering in becoming a therapy, the afternoon then was consumed in a variety of great talks on various health projects and culminated in the lecture from CDRSP Director Professor Nuno Alves on the developments in the In-situ Biomass projection. 


Professor Geoffrey Mitchell thanked the outstanding work of the recently formed CDRSP@VIRTUAL_SPACE team who had done so much in such a short time to provide the infrastructure for the VIRTUAL  RESIM2020 Conference and Tomas Archer and Renato Batista who had been with the conference team since May 2018.


Professor Paula Pascoal Faria president of the international jury for the poster awards spoke of the high quality of all of the poster and announced 2 prize winners  Hugo Marques  “Tire compounds based on thermoplastic matrix for injection moulding” and Barbara Lamolinara  “Pineapple Leaf Fibres – A renewable Materials Source for Composites”.  Both will receive a registration for RESIM2022 or for ICDDMAP2021. 


Professor Nuno Alves, Director of CDRSP, thanked everyone involved with this virtual conference for making it such as success. He looked forward to meeting all the delegates again at RESIM2022. The feedback from all the delegates was very positive and they had found the virtual nature of the conference very good and an interesting experience.