Seminar | Maths for digital factory |10-10-2019| 11:00h

Abstract: By definition, the digital factory represents a network of digital models and methods of simulation and 3D visualisation for the holistic planning, realisation, control and ongoing improvement of all factory processes related to a specific product. In the last five or ten years all industrialised countries have launched initiatives to realise this vision, sometimes also referred to as Industry 4.0 (in Europe) or Smart Manufacturing (US). In the first part of my presentation I will use this example to highlight chances for the collaboration between mathematics, engineering, and industry. I will present case studies showing how mathematics will be able to contribute towards digital manufacturing.  The second part of my talk is devoted to topology optimization. Based on a phase-field approach we show results for free topology optimization,  we discuss the role of additive manufacturing constraints and close with some remarks on two-scale topology optimization.  




Dietmar Homberg,  Past president and Board member of European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI). Researcher at the Weierstrass Institute  Berlim, Germany.  


Dietmar Homberg Curriculum vitae