SoftAware – Creating talents in Software engineering | Multiplier Event

It is increasingly recognized by the institutions that soft skills and behavioural skills are higly important to carry out our daily jobs, along side the primary/technical skills. Erasmus K+ SoftAware Project is preparing different tools to enhance behavioural skills, teamwork, communication, reliability, commitment, curiosity, autonomy and many others soft and behavioural skills that can help to transform the HE students and educators around the world.   


We are finalizing the SoftAware project, where we aimed to create contents and courses that foster the development of Soft skills in IT students, and on behalf of organizing committee/ CDRSP – Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development (IPLeiria – Portugal), we are inviting you to attend and participate in the creating talents in Software engineering Multiplier Event held in the next IMFS session that will take place on December 9th. It is an online and presential free event but you should register to participate.  

The project aims to create a transnational partnership between the major actors responsible for IT professionals’ enhancement, namely HE, research centres, employers, professional associations, social partners, VET providers and SMEs to foster the development of software talents across Europe.