European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference

European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference

European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference

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Welcome to ESFLC2019!

Pre-Conference Institute: 1-2 July 2019
Conference: 3-5 July 2019

Systemic Functional Linguistics is known to be a powerful model of language description and the SFL community meetings traditionally promote the dialogue with members coming from other disciplinary fields as well as theoretical approaches.

2019 edition’s theme is SFL on Multiliteracies, Professional Discourse and Education and it draws a strong emphasis on the connection between SFL and three specific domains that are closely related, though not restricted, to a linguistic approach. Multi-literacies is an explicitly far-reaching term that covers both literacy and multimodality issues. Professional Discourse is intended to refer to the ample range of professional contexts where language is used. Finally, education embraces an array of concerns from teaching and learning, to knowledge construction, amongst other matters.

Marta Filipe Alexandre (ESFLC2019 Host)

You are invited to engage in this edition’s theme and to help us
make this event a memorable opportunity for knowledge exchanging,
experience sharing and interpersonal bonding.

See you in Leiria!


Keynote Speakers

“Through a meaning based metalanguage, as the one that SFL provides, teachers and students can be reflective about the meanings and power differences linguistic choices make.”

Mariana Achugar

“It is no longer possible to think about literacy in isolation from a vast array of social, technological and economic factors.”

Gunther Kress

“Our best way of managing the complexity of reading texts is to acknowledge divergent students’ readings and find ways of valuing them, without at the same time losing sight of our responsibility to make available the powerful readings of our culture for anyone who wants them.”

J. R. Martin

“For the applied linguist, the new challenges include the learning of new ways of acting and seeing.”

Srikant Sarangi