Gunther Kress

Professor Gunther Kress passed away Thursday, June, 20th. It is a great loss, and we now have a big legacy to pay tribute to.

Professor Gunther Kress has been an inspiration for researchers and teachers all around the world. His commitment to the vast social implications of research on semiotics is notorious and the diversity of multimodal interaction and environments characterized by him is impressive. 

We felt sincerely honoured to have him as our special guest at ESFLC2019, in Leiria, Portugal. Numerous colleagues cheered at the mere thought of having the opportunity to be with him in the Conference Pre-Institute, and so did we.

We are certain that the vast majority of the ESFLC2019 delegates have at some point of their career learnt and benefited from Gunther’s work. Together, we will try our best to keep his memory alive and to pay tribute to his immense legacy.

Gunther Kress’ plenary speech at ESFLC2019 will be substituted by a round table. More information about the round table will be available soon.
The workshop on Multimodality in the Pre-Conference Institute will be delivered by Professor J R Martin and Professor Susan Hood.